Sunday, May 01, 2005

Kaercher as a verb

Curling fans in Canada are highly aware of Kaercher (spelled Karcher, sometimes with a stylized umlaut symbol). They manufacture the brushes now widely in use in the sport. This must be a very interesting niche market for a large multinational that specializes in cleaning equipment. I had first heard of them through curling. And the brushes do clean the ice.
In my spare moments right now I have been reading detective novels in German (trying to improve my comprehension, and I love detective novels). One of my recent favourite authors has been the Austrian Wolf Haas, and recently I have been reading his wonderfully entertaining Komm, suesser Tod, Imagine my shock this morning when I stumbled across this passage, and I translate to a point : " What I would really like, with the whole bunch of them, would be to use the new Raab-Kaercher-High-Pressure-Hose to Kaercher them all away (hinauskaerchern)".
At first I thought this amazing. And I was delighted to have my foreign detective novel and curling enthusiasms collide. And then I recalled living a year in the UK and having people Hoovering their homes.
I still feel good about the collision of enthusiasms.


At 5/01/2005 8:45 p.m., Blogger EclectEcon said...

Let me add that Karcher had some terrific ads on television during the curling matches. I especially liked the ones that showed the power washers being used as centre pieces, chandeliers, etc.


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