Saturday, March 04, 2006

Another Fashion Question: Tights

I'm basically a shy kind of guy.

I'm too shy to ask Colleen Jones these questions, but maybe I'll work up the courage.

In case I don't, here are the questions: When curlers for the Nova Scotia rink (or any others not playing in The Scott but who wear kilts and tights) come out of the hack, they slide on the ice. Since they are wearing kilts, does this sliding wear holes in their tights? Do their knees get cold? How often do the curlers have to replace their tights?

Curlers from other rinks wear very slick, durable pants that appear to made of kevlar or something; like good curling pants, they hold up to incessant sliding. [see here for photos of the different garb] But what happens with those tights?


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