Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Canada Defeats Denmark 8 - 1
Denmark Concedes After Just Six Ends

In the penultimate game of the 2007 Women's World Championship round robins, Kelly Scott's Team Canada defeated Denmark by a score of 8 -1, stealing 3 in the 3rd end and scoring three more in the fifth end, and administering the coup de grace by stealing one more in the sixth.

The win maintains Canada's perfect record: 10W and no losses, dropping Denmark to 8W and 2L, still clinging to second place, a half game ahead of Scotland in the standings.

For me, an academic, one of the interesting aspects of the game with Denmark was this, which I managed to grab from the page:

Last year, Denmark's Jensen had to leave the competition early due to health concerns. Her team battled valiantly without her, losing the final round-robin game to finish 6-5 and one win away from tiebreakers.

This year, another Dane will be departing early. Second Camilla Jensen, Angelina's sister, leaves Friday to write a critical university exam back home. She is now out of the starting lineup with two round-robin matches left to play.

"It's my whole education, so sadly I must go," said Jensen. "So let's go Denmark, let's get those Olympic points."

Almost anywhere in North America, we'd have let her defer her exam; but then we don't have such massive exams either.



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