Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Howard-Corner - mini-live-blogging

The Ontario Championships that determine the Brier participant from the province are being broadcast on local Rogers Cable, and since Doc does not get that service, I thought I would at least document this fact to annoy him. Glenn Howard's rink is on top of the current standings, followed closely by Peter Corner's, and they are playing against one another tonight. I'll keep you all updated here until I retire.

End #1: Wonderful back and forth around a corner guard, finally forcing Glenn Howard to play for one, a slight clip off one of Corner's rocks, into the four-foot. Howard 1, Corner 0, Corner now has the hammer.

End #2: Corner needs big weight to clear the house of Howard stones and has not quite enough. Steal of 2 for Howard. Howard 3, Corner 0.

End #3: 1 for Corner - was watching Law and Order.

End #4: 2 for Howard - now 5-1. I will go watch something else and check in occasionally.


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