Thursday, February 04, 2010

Draw 16 - Woo-Hoo PEI Again - This Time Against Kelly Scott

It's the vets against the babies. PEI features two 21-year-old players in their first Scotties, Ramsay and Carmodon. Scott's team is one of Canada's greatest of the last several years. Who can ask for more - Scott must win to have a serious (any?) chance of making the playoffs. It is all too complicated for me.
They are now explaining things - 6-loss teams are out. But where the tiebreakers fit still seems confusing to me.

END #1 Fairly open. Carmody misses the open blank opportunity. 1-0 PEI and BC take the hammer.

There is much discussion of the scoring statistics. Russ Howard this morning had a profound ocmment on the limitations of these numbers. "If I make my first shot and miss my second, or if I miss my first shot and then make the second, it is the same 50% but the outcome is not the same."

END #2 O'Rourke asks Ramsay to come around rather than peel a guard, which she does. Schraeder taps it back to the back of the house, leaving the BC rock partly under cover. Ramsay clears it with a beauty but the house is full of rocks behind the T-line. Schraeder drops a perfect rock at teh edge of the four-foot, right behind a BC guard. Carmody is asked to do a tap-back, and fires a whiff! Scott had mentioned there is no finish in that area of the ice and she called it well. Scott freezes a beauty on top of Schraeder's rock. The guard in question on these rocks is one O'Rourke chose not to ask to have peeled a while ago. Carmody's draw misses and gives Scott a shot at three, but not easy. Perfect tapback - 3-1 Scott.

END #3 This is forming into an end you do not want as PEI. Scott is in complete command through second rocks, though Carter makes a bad mistake on setting up a guard (it is wayy too long). O'Rourke does a nice hit and roll behind cover. Schraeder wrecks on the front guard. Suddenly PEI has chances. Ramsay gets into the house but leaves the PEI rocks wide open. Schraeder hits one of them but does not hold the shooter. Ramsay comes up way short. Not a pretty end for either team. Scott misses the nose hit and losesthe shooter. Carmody is asked for a tap-back, analyzed by this crew as too complex, but it works out very well. Scott is way heavy, and Carmody can draw for two! She nails it. 3-3.

I may have to wander off for a bit. Will be back in later ends. It is a pain having a life!

I am back and it is end 5.

END #5 bc NOW UP 5-3. But theHouse as I return to action looks like a PEI house, exceptthat BC have shot rock in the back. Hmm no I think not - looks to me as of PEI has two shot rocks after a Ramsay throw. Scott hits and sticks, not the plan. Carmody makes the same mistake. Scott`s shot is great leaving PEI with a draw for one. Just dandy - BC lead 5-4.

END #7 BC now up 7-4. PEI take one. 7-5 BC

END #8 Scott takes another. I am now only provisionally watching.

END #9 BC steal 2. You always have to wonder how a team with nothing at stake in the match will play. In this case, not so great. BC has looked much better.

No handshake though there was discussion.


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