Friday, April 08, 2011

Brewster's Draws

We noted during the round robin that Tom Brewster, skip of Scotland, had a pretty low curling percentage on his draw shots. We were puzzled that, given this low percentage, he opted for draw shots several times when he had the opportunity to throw a hit instead. Several times, those draw attempts led to misses that cost him points.

In the 8th end of tonight's game, Brewster had two draw attempts. The first was to set up a possible deuce, but he came up quite light with the shot. And then after Stoughton hit and rolled behind a guard, Brewster had to draw to the full 8' (not ordinarily a big challenge at the top levels of curling) and was a shade heavy. So not only did he not score his deuce, but in fact he gave up a steal of one.

Update: well his hit attempt in the 9th wasn't very good either. He completely flashed and gave up another steal of one. Canada leads 5-2 without the hammer in the 10th. It's all over but the shouting, as Canada keeps peeling Scot guards.



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