Sunday, May 15, 2005

New Zealand

John and I apologize for how slow things are here right now but it is hard to find curling news and excitement.
On the other hand, I can continue working through the Olympic Qualifying Teams, as promised.
Today is the turn of New Zealand.
And here is the team, as announced here:

NEW ZEALAND TEAM AT 2005 WORLD CURLING CHAMPIONSHIPS (Name, age, hometown, playing position)

Sean Becker, 29, Patearoa, skip
Hans Frauenlob, 44, North Shore City, third
Dan Mustapic, 44, Dunedin, second
Lorne DePape, 49, Te Awamutu, lead
Warren Dobson, 25, Naseby, alternate
Peter Becker, coach

I wish this had been available somehow from the New Zealand Curling Association Website. If someone can figure out how to navigate past this front page here I would be very grateful.


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