Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hockey Settlement Spells Doom for CCA-TSN Deal

Sweepmag.com is reporting that one reason TSN was earlier enthusiastic about a deal with the CCA but has recently cooled considerably is that they now have a deal to televise at least 65 NHL games.

According to Ottawa Sun reporter, Rob Brodie, TSN has officially removed its broadcast offer from the table. With the clock ticking and the CBC holding steadfast to its position that it has a legal binding contract, TSN was seeing no upside. What it saw was the prospect of a protracted court fight, one it would be caught in the middle of.

What is strange is that it took TSN six weeks to realize the inevitable. A contract is a contract. But then, six weeks ago TSN was perhaps more worried about its Canadian content commitments to the CRTC than it is today. Brodie reports that TSN has now acquired a slate of at least 65 NHL games.
Once again, the CCA seems to have no idea what is going on across the table as it negotiates with broadcasters.

My prediction: Watch this site for live-blogging of the Scott, which is being held in London, Ontario. Alan and I will almost surely be there, and maybe we'll smuggle in laptops with cell-cards for blogging. And with any luck, maybe we can get webcams, too, and real sponsors. And.... hey, maybe the CCA will negotiate a deal with us!


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