Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Jennifer Jones

Not the Jennifer Jones of Howard Hughes fame, who appeared in the wonderful 'Duel in the Sun' (sorry - cynical search for Google hits). Rather the one mentioned in the previous posts, searching for a replacement lead.

There was a short discussion on CBC's 'The Inside Track' today about this situation. The discussion was not very informative, and left out the question of what they will be doing for the Scott Tournament of Hearts next year. (I am looking forward to being there to see.) The great thing is that this radio show makes a record of the show available on the Web - if you go tomorrow or later and follow the obvious links, you should be able to hear. This topic is introduced 20 minutes or so into the show. Mind you, the preceding topic is ice-skating pairs partnerships on and off the ice, as they work and collapse, and is also well worth listening to.


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