Saturday, December 03, 2005

C. Jones versus LaRouche
2nd half of the game

I have two observations at this point, but they are both part of the same one. The LaRouche team is not curling at all well. In fact they haven't been very good ever since their miraculous run during the 2004 Scott Tournament of Hearts. I really wonder if they belong in this tournament.

End #6
Oops. The game is such a blow-out that TSN has switched feature games. I can't say as I blame them. People start channel-surfing when featured games are blow-outs, and viewership drops off dramatically. So TSN quickly and profitably switches to a closer game. But since I haven't been following the one they switched to (Lawton and Anderson), I'll sign off for the evening, sit back, open another bottle of wine, and relax.

What is going on with In the Hack? I, too, registered, waded past the pop-ups, and then was informed that I don't have the authority to leave a comment... Why not?

Reminder: Alan Adamson will be live blogging again tomorrow at noon.


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