Monday, January 30, 2006

Sackville Curling Club a Home for Champions

The Sackville Curling Club places an emphasis on recreational curling as opposed to the highly competitive style as noted in some of the clubs in larger communities.

There have been a few outstanding performers come out of the local three-sheet club, notably sisters Krista and Heather Smith and Lesley Hicks, but this is rare. As a matter of fact, the club was designed and built in the late 1940s for fun and recreation by local professional and business people.

Although the demographics have shifted over the nearly 60 years, the aim remains basically the same – a place where locals can gather and enjoy a fun eight or 10-ender.

Recently, however, the club has provided a “home” for a number of former provincial and national champion curlers attending Mount Allison University.

From the Sackville Tribune-Post, with thanks to Brian Ferguson.


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