Sunday, January 22, 2006

Stephen Harper: He Loves a Good Bonspiel

Sent to me this morning, at approximately 4 a.m., from Daisy Chain's Crackberry:

Ever wondered what Harper's favorite sport is?
Football? Basball? Hockey?
No. No. And no.
He loves --- are you ready for this --- he loves curling!
Yes curling.
He often schedules visits to cities so they coincide with bonspiels.

Hmm. Now, I'm a real girl. I.e., "sports" to me, means yoga or aerobics. I will only watch sports if forced at gunpoint. Because I have four brothers, I was forced by circumstances, when I was growing up, to watch sports. Nowadays, those circumstances would have to involve a gun aimed at my head. But I realize that some of you might find it interesting that Stephen Harper likes curling. It certainly fits with his macho, tough guy image.
I wonder if Harper likes it for the same reason my brother likes it. My brother likes curling -- or so he has told me -- because it is the only time in his life he hears a woman shout, "hurry, hurry, hurry," excitedly, in his general direction. Get it? Get it? It's hilarious, you see, because it's a self-deprecating comment about his performance in the bedroom. Hilarious! I so enjoy hearing stuff like that from a sibling. (Similar to the enjoyment one feels hearing about one's parents having sex.) And I think women across Canada would like to know if Harper has similar issues. Actually, no. I would not like to know that. I prefer to believe that Laureen is one satisfied customer. (And from what Daisy Chain has told me, if she weren't a satisfied customer, we'd all know about it, because "Laureen does not pull her punches.")
What I would like to know is, what the hell is a bonspiel? Is that even a real word? And do they have them in other countries? If so, will Prime Minister Harper only be attending international functions and conferences that coincide with bonspiels? Also -- will Colleen Jones get a plum position in Harper's new government? (Note: Until last week, and a conversation with my brother during which he insisted on discussing curling, I did not know who Colleen Jones was. I now know that she is a lady who curls and also gives weather reports on the Caliphate Broadcasting Corporation, though apparently not simultaneously.)

Stephen Harper: A bonspiel will put a smile on his face! (And I am not making this up. Bloggers are not allowed to make stuff up.)

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