Sunday, December 11, 2005

Women's Finals;
Some Reflections

I'm stuck in the office today (Sunday!) and can keep track of the Men's finals only via the CCA scoring updates, (go here and click on the draw at the very bottom to get the updates) which are quick and informative. Also, Ms. Eclectic has phoned me with an update once. I wish I were able to see the draw...

At the conclusion of the Women's finals, yesterday, I wrote:
All things considered, I thought Scott's team out-curled and was better than Kleibrink's team by some margin, but the score didn't show it. It'll be interesting to see what the curling stats show.
I know I have trashed the CCA in the past, but I am grateful for their having provided not only scoring updates of today's men's final draw, but also the curling stats from the women's finals yesterday.

Scott - B.C. #SH PTS PCT Kleibrink - ALTA #SH PTS PCT 1
Renee Simons 20 63 79 1 Christine Keshen 20 69 86 2
Sasha Carter 20 62 78 2 Glenys Bakker 20 56 70 3
Jeanna Schraeder 20 63 79 3 Amy Nixon 20 57 71 4
Kelly Scott 20 67 84 4 Shannon Kleibrink 20 67 84
Team Totals 80 255 80 Team Totals 80 249 78

I doubt the table above is lined up properly, so check the original link. As you can see there, indeed, the Scott rink did marginally outcurl the Kleibrink rink, but the margin was slim, as was indicated by the score.


At 12/12/2005 9:50 p.m., Blogger Amateur said...

That was a very gripping game! Too bad you had to miss it.


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