Friday, December 09, 2005

Women's Semi-Final Friday

Lawton won her tie-breaker rather handily this morning against Middaugh, and is now in the semi-final against Kleibrink.

This match, when I have been watching it, has been very impressive; outcomes have been more determined by great shot-making than by mistakes. There have been wonderful freezes, glorious rolls, the whole usual armory. Both teams are also pretty fetching so it is a very pleasant experience watching (though I don't care very much for the style of glasses they buy).

There was an interesting discussion about whether the teams that are already in the final should be watching the semi-final. Brad Gushue was interviewed, and I missed what he said, but one point I found interesting; it can be very demoralizing if you watch the semi-final teams exchanging great shots. So don;t hang around too long!

Lawton hits and sticks to tie the match at 3-all after 7. I'll try to follow as this proceeds.

Eighth end:
Lawton puts up a centre guard, Keshen comes into the house behind it at the top of the 4-foot (I like the way she has roled her sleeves up). Bell plants a rock in front of that and Keshen puts one in front of that one. Singler's rock now sits on top of that - broadcast comment "This is as good as it gets". Bakker taps the top rock, and moves the Kleibrink rock at the foot of the chain onto the button. Lawton wants the mess cleaned up a bit, and Singler wrecks on the guard, now off-centre and not protecting the line of rocks. Kleibrink calls for a small chain reaction on the existing line of rocks, and Bakker's rock moves another Kleibrink rock to the button, so she lies two, with a troublesome Lawton rock still in front of those two at the top of the 4-foot. Kasner finds a very narrow port and leaves Kleibrink lying one, but with more Lawton rocks lying around. Kleibrink calls for some cleaning up of other rocks, concludes maybe it would be an own goal and calls time-out. They decide to proceed as planned and Nixon opens up the house, but the comment is "Were we ever wrong". Kasner taps the Lawton rock back to the button - Nixon cleans up the front Lawton rock but the shooter rolls too much, leaving Lawton a double chance, which she does not quite execute, but she leaves herself three counting rocks. Ominously, there remain many Kleibrink rocks in the house and Lawton rocks are open. Kleibrink tries to double but a jam leaves things very messy - in fact, worse than before as Lawton now has rocks behind cover. Lawton clears an enemy rock, leaving Kleibrink with an attempt to get two by hitting her own rock and rolling in close ot the button (a split) - does not work, but she gets one. Wow - this is exhausting to watch; it must be wild playing it.

I thought things were terrible this morning as the only ads were from Ford (advertising their trucks) and Strauss herbal medicines. We are getting the same ads this afternoon, as well as Tru Valu hardware, and Schick shavers. What demographic is this? Ahh - Avery signs too - that seems somewhat small-business oriented. OK now some booze called DiSarrono, which hot babes clearly drink. Ah yes and there was the Conservative party in the last break! Hmmmm.

Nonth end:
Kleibrink has a guard just off centre. Lawton brings a rock behind it to the top of the twelve, allowing a runback. Sleeveless Keshen does it perfectly. (Nixon comments, "Not bad for a lead".) Lawton replaces the Kleibrink rock at the top of hte 12-foot with one of her own, a little out of the rings. This is reciprocated. Lawton draws into the top of the 8-foot (with MAJOR sweeping). Bakker removes it and her rock hangs at the edge of the 12-foot. Singler draws too depp to the back of the 4-foot and Nixon sits on it. Kasner freezes beautifully to Nixon's rock. Nixon sit perfectly on top of that one. This is wonderful play - Lawton is baffled looking for opportunities to take more than the one she has on the button, sandwiched between two Kleibrink rocks. Time out! The coach suggests blowing up the whole house, and Kasner's missile hits the guard, opening the house up. Kleibrink replaces the guard, Lawton clears it. Kleibrink replaces it, though it gets a little tight (back of the 12-foot). Lawton is tempted to blast it, possibly miraculously causing all the Kleibrink rocks to disappear, and hers to stay. Instead she decides to draw close to the front Kleibrink sandwich rock; not quite enough and she takes one!


It is easy to see why these teams got this far.

Tenth end: Kleibrink takes a 4-4 tie with the hammer into the tenth. So this is the perfect finish.
Lawton puts up a centre guard and Keshen's rock is a bit too deep in the house. Bell puts up a second Lawton guard. I missed then ext shot talking to my pet care delivery person. Singler gets to the 8-foot - configuration is two Lawton front guards, Kleibrink rock in back of the button, Lawton rock as just shot. Bakker's double-peel attempt not only peels only the front guard but stays itself, shutting down some paths to the house. Singler shoots brilliantly past two guards to sit in the front of the button with the Kleibrink rock as backing - just amazing. Bakker clears the centre guard. Kasner puts another one up. Holy Cow!! Nixon clears the house of Lawton rocks - Kasner tries to freeze on the remaining Kleibrink rock, but does not quite make it. Nixon wants to peel it (she and Kleibrink shoud NEVER have gone to that same optometrist) and instead, after a timeout, throws a perfect hit and roll so Kleibrink now has rocks in the front and back of the 4-foot. Just completely amazing!! Who are these women? Lawton removes the Kleibrink rock fom the front of the button, opening a hole for her next shot, sitting in front of the Kleibrink rocks now at the back of the button. Kleibrink wants a time-out but has no more. Holy Cow!! Kleibrink puts a rock right in the button with her rocks as backing now. That was certainly the right answer. Lawton calls a timeout. Lawton, almost out of time, tries to bounce in off her own rock but does not make it. Kleibrink is into the final again!!

I will miss tomorrow's match but how could it be better than this? Surely one of the finest women's matches ever played. Wow!! Credit to both teams.

PS: Nobody ever took two in an end and nobody stole an end. Utterly quality play.


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PS: And utterly a reward for the initial hammer.


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