Thursday, December 08, 2005

Men's Early Thursday Draw - the 2nd half

Comment #1: Can you imagine uglier outfits than the ones in use at these trials? I'm especially unimpressed by the orange and silver ones assigned to/chosen by Gushue and LaRouche.

Comment #2: This match between Gushue and Martin has to be one of the best I've seen yet. Despite the missed shots, they have played as if they can make anything, making the discussions so fascinating.

End #6: Gushue moved toward a defensive game, peeling the guards set up by Martin. Martin changed strategies and gave up guarding, putting rocks in the rings. Is it my imagination, or are Walchuk and Martin disagreeing more than usual, or is this typical for them?
Martin had some rocks in play, but Gushue was sitting 2 and tried to guard; this time he wasn't heavy. Martin's tap up was partially successful, so Gushue tried to put up another guard. Martin wrecked, leaving a steal of 2.

Gushue 7, Martin 2
End #7: After some initial rocks in the house, Martin tried to set up some corner guards, but Howshue peeled them. Gushue tried for a thin double, but took out only one. Martin threw a great raise double, but that left another thin double for Gushue (Howard's call was right, but Gushue asked for too much ice); Gushue got only one, leaving a hit-and-stick for two.
Gushue 7, Martin 4
End #8: Gushue was very defensive, peeling guards. Gushue missed a double, leaving Martin a hit and roll to split the rings. WOW! Martin is curling only 61%! Gushue doubled for 1.
Gushue 8, Martin 4
End #9: Howard missed a peel, and Nichols jammed a double attempt, leaving Walchuk with a come-around to sit two behind the guard. Nichols ran some back, and Walchuk didn't quite bury his second come-around attempt. Gushue removed it, and Martin put another one there. Gushue tried to remove it, but missed, and Martin had a draw for three. Ray and Linda were beside themselves that Gushue would even try that shot. It will set up a much more complex 10th end.
Gushue 8, Martin 7
10th End: Gushue up by one with the hammer. A mess of guards out front -- let's hear it for the free-guard rule! With three guards across the front, Martin drew around the centre guard right to the button (a bit deep, perhaps, for good strategy). Gushue peeled the guard. Martin's last shot was light and over-curled. Gushue had a peel for the win.
What a game! Don't you wish Canada could send more than one team to the Olympics????


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