Monday, December 05, 2005

Some Thoughts of my Own

1. It dawned on me watching the final end of the Ryan-Stoughton match that Ryan is not throwing skip rocks either! I think I noticed this earlier but it did not register. A growing trend?

2. Concerning Gushue's recruitment of Howard, I don't think I had many reservations about the possible success of that team; the key fact for me is that Gushue appears to have recruited Howard. One of the great things about the trials format is that it allows teams to shop for 'ringers' outside their own provinces, and so really opens up some possibilities that the Brier format forbids.

My skepticism is more about a bunch of sports administrators creating an effective team by selecting five players (out of a pool of 10 in the UK right now) a couple of months before the Olympics. It could happen, of course. And there is always a fair dose of luck in major events.

3. This sure is a treat - I doubt we'll see this quality of curling for another four years after this week ends. Too bad.

I may start some liveblogging of the draw this evening, but am unlikely to be awake when it ends.


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