Monday, December 05, 2005

Dacey vs. Gushue: Men's 4th Draw
(live-blogging 1 pm Monday Draw)

The Men's 1pm (EST) draw
The feature match is between Mark Dacey (1w, 2L) and Brad Gushue (3W, 0L). This is the first time I'll have a look at the re-formed Gushue rink with Russ Howard skipping but throwing 2nd stones, and I'm eager to see it in action, especially after the discussion between Alan and Amateur earlier on this site. However, I will be watching more and writing less, so don't expect major details.

End #1: it looked to me as if the Gushue rink marginally outcurled the Dacey rink up to the skips' stones, leaving Dacey with a draw against 3 with the hammer. He was heavy. Gushue stole 3.

If Gushue and Howard have to confer so much, it's a wonder they don't run out of time. I'll be interested in seeing their playing times throughout the tournament.

End #2: Again, it looked as if the Gushue rink out-curled the Dacey rink, marginally, maybe making their shots with just a bit more precision. Dacey was left again with a draw against three, and this time he made it.

Gushue 3, Dacey 1
End #3: A couple of nose hit mistakes by both seconds. Then some over and under rolls on hit-and-rolls by the 3rds and skips left Gushue with a hit for two, which he made.
Gushue 5, Dacey 1
End #4: Dacey had the hammer, so Gushward tried to control the centre line. A great hit and roll by Nichols, the Howshue 3rd, put Dacey in some trouble. Gushue to Howard, when Howard was screaming: "It'll be okay." ... "That was one of those Howard moments, I guess." Dacey had a draw against 3 and again was heavy, another steal of 3 for Howshue.
Howshue 8, Dacey 1
End #5: Gushue missed a double, leaving a draw for two, which Dacey made. It was a tough double, but had less risk than the easier one. Good decision.
Howshue 8, Dacey 3
With an 8-3 lead, R. Howard takes a break and lets the original 2nd (Keith Ryan?) rejoin the Gushue team. With that change and the big lead, not unexpectedly, TSN has shifted its feature game, but to which other one? So far it looks as if they're focusing on Ferbey vs. G. Howard, who are 3 - 3 after 6.
End #7: Howard threw a nice come-around, leaving Ferbey-Nedohin with a nasty choice between a long double or a minor hit and roll; they tried the latter, but the shooter over curled and rolled for 2nd. Nice 2nd shot by Howard even though the commentators had lots of ways to say it could have been better. Nedohin had a draw against two, but slid into the back eight.
Howard 5, Ferbey 3
End #8: Handshakes for Gushue (10-4 defeat of Dacey), who is now 4 - 0 [ I guess that means Ryan didn't get to throw many rocks!]. In the Howard - Ferbey match, Nedohin made a draw against 2 to score 1.
Howard 5, Ferbey 4
End #9: Great double by Hart (Howard's 3rd), but a nice freeze by Nedohin and a rub by Howard may have kept Howard from scoring about 17 this end. Nice clear of the two Ferbey stones with a double by Howard to score two more.
Howard 7, Ferbey 4
End #10: A couple of misses by Hart kept Ferbey in the match, but Ferbey left a come-around open, and the Nedohin wrecked on a guard.
As of now, Ferbey is 1-3, and Howard is 2-2. Ferbey's rink really was off, relative to their peak performances of the past.
Overall, these are superb curlers, and it is even better curling than we usually see at the Brier.


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