Thursday, December 08, 2005

Friday Curling

Rise and Shine!

7:30am The women's tie-breaker is at 7:30am, between Lawton and Middaugh. In their previous match, Lawton dominated the first half, but Middaugh came back strong in the second half to take it.

12:00 noon The women's semi-final match. Kliebrink, who seemed to sneak up on the leaders from nowhere, takes on the winner of the tie-breaker.

6:30 pm The men's semi-final, between Stoughton and Morris. Morris slumped badly in the last game of the round robin, losing to Gushue 7-4.

I won't be able to live-blog any of the matches. Big work day (unless I get snowed in at home -- keep your fingers crossed).


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