Friday, March 24, 2006

Another Curling Broadcasting Scandal?
Are all the major media deceitful cads?

Check out the TSN broadcast schedule (if it is still available) for the Ford Women's World Championships in 2006.
Mar 24
Ford Women's Worlds - Page Playoff Game #1 6:30pm
Ford Women's Worlds - Page Playoff Game #2 9:30pm
Then look below the schedule, and you will see:
(TD) - Tape Delayed coverage
There is no TD listed after the 6:30pm time for Page Playoff Game #1.

This is scandalous.

TSN has known since the beginning of the tournament that the first page playoff was scheduled to be played at 3pm this afternoon [concluded just prior to 6pm with Sweden defeating the US 8-5]. They should not be allowed to
  1. List tape delayed broadcasts in their schedule without clearly identifying that the broadcasts will be tape delayed.
  2. Make so bloody many tape-delayed broadcasts.
Surely the CCA has messed up again in its negotiation of broadcast/media contracts. Surely they should be able to induce CTV, owner of TSN, to carry more live coverage. If they don't or won't carry the coverage live on TSN, then CTV can carry it on their other sports network; after all they own two of 'em. Failing that, they can license it to someone else.

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