Monday, March 20, 2006

Draw Seven:
Beauty and the Beast

Canada defeated Scotland 7-6 in Draw 7 with a steal of one in the 10th end.

As with the morning draw, Team Canada found itself in trouble often, with many missed shots all through the rink. But this time there was also some absolutely fabulous curling.

In particular, in the third end, Canada set up the end well and Kelly Scott made a beautiful draw through a port to the button. But then Kelly Wood (Scottish skip) followed her down and tapped her just a bit off the button. The only shot left for Team Canada was an in-off from a Scottish guard way off to the side, to come into the button and just bump the Scottish shot rock back a bit and score two. A fantastic shot.

And then in the tenth, Sasha Carter, who curled only 70% in this draw, made a fabulous draw around guards, right to the button and Canada managed to maintain the guards to protect the shot rock for the rest of the end.

It was nice to see some really good shots.


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