Sunday, March 19, 2006

Who Will Show the Men's World Championship
from Lowell, Massachussetts?

CBC has the semi-finals and finals, but I've searched the sites of both TSN and World Championship, and I see no evidence that round robin matches of the Men's World Championships will be shown on commercial television. CurlTv appears to have the exclusive rights to the round robin matchups. From the Lowell site:

Can't get to Lowell to see the Championship? That's ok because CurlTV has you covered. They will exclusively be webcasting the Round Robin Draws of the championship
Phhttt. Is this more of the doings of the CCA? Or is someone else responsible for this decision? Who paid how much to whom for this arrangement? I can't believe it is more valuable than a non-exclusive deal that would allow commercial telecasting as well.

As nice as David Nedohin [owner of CurlTv] seems, and as helpful as he was when Alan Adamson and I were broadcasting one draw from The Scott, I'm not thrilled.

If I were to sign up for the one-month fee of $27.08 [US] right now, I could receive the morning draws from the Women's Worlds plus all the round robin matches from the Men's Worlds. But the web is no way to watch curling, especially when Ms. Eclectic and I would both have to watch a tiny picture on one of our small laptops.

Maybe I'll get some day-job work done during that week after all.


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