Friday, March 17, 2006

Another Fine Feature of being on the Media Bench at The Scott

... was getting to know our bench neighbour, Steve Green, of the London Free Press.

He was a master of trying to figure out how many teams could be tied and how many rounds of tiebreakers we could suffer (with delight) as a result.

He produced a series of wonderful weird questions - he observed that no PLAYER had a birthday during the Scott, and that even included alternates. He trusted me to calculate the probability of that, and it was a disappointingly probable event.

He was great at literary references and sent us off on some Google searches to make sure of them. Check out our interviews for a few.

He was refreshing in the interview scrums; all the rest of us were holding some electronic technology as he scribbled responses onto his (paper and pen) notebook.

He is also the czar of finding snappy titles for blog posts. We just need him to start blogging!

I felt I was with a Philip Marlowe of the sports reporting fraternity.

Here's a link to his article on the final - but once there dig in and read some more of his excellent material on the week.


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