Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Live from the Brier

While Doc and I are not able to be at the Brier and provide the same level of coverage as we did for the Scott, we do have a foreign correspondent on site Nick*Nick, who is providing us behind-the-scenes reports. One interesting one concerns the home team at the tournament from Saskatchewan:

Well, I can tell you that prior to today, Ben Hebert was leaving the Brandt Centre without his team and there seemed to be a bit of a rift between him and the rest of the team. I caught the vibe myself, and then heard some stories yesterday too. ... Today, though, everything looked to be back in working order, and there was some great team chemistry. My girlfriend actually saw the whole team at the Keg here in the city, and they were having a great time.

And also some sartorial observations (fashion is a key element in curling these days) and signs of the party life.

Team Quebec is wearing some interesting curling pants that I haven't seen before...they look almost like a sleak cargo pant. They also seem to be the crowd favourites beside Sask, and are quite interactive with the crowd when they play on the outside sheet.

They packed 6800 people into the Brier patch on Friday-Saturday night, and there were probably about 4000 people there for the 9am draw this morning, and that has been the least amount of people they've had.

Thanks, Nick. We look forward to passing on more news from rinkside. We also have some pictures to post when the day job allows it.


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