Monday, March 13, 2006

[Why] Are Men Better Curlers Than Women?

I don't know if I am correct, but it certainly looks to me as if the men's curling at the Brier is higher quality than the women's curling was at The Scott. On average, I would expect these men's teams to defeat the women's teams taht competed at The Scott. Why is this?

  • Perhaps it is just perception. Perhaps the men don't curl any better, but they curl differently in ways that make it look as if they are better. Perhaps they try too many long-shot shots and throw more up-weight (faster) shots, which are exciting and look good when the shots are made, but perhaps the men aren't any better at all.
  • Perhaps it is a question of strength. Men tend, on average, to be stronger than women, and can attempt up-weight shots that women do not even consider. This ability increases their options and allows them to curl better, on average, overall. If this hypothesis is correct, look for more women to work out more to become stronger so that they, too, will have these increased options in the future [digression: it is really easy to "throw" up-weight shots with a stick!].
  • Perhaps it is a question of practice and practice time. I don't know if men practice more or more intensively than women, but this is a possible explanation.

Overall, I enjoy The Scott just as much as I enjoy the Brier, but I don't think the women curlers are, on average, as good as the men.


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