Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Will the Loud Music Drive Fans Away from Major Arena Events?

I got frazzled by the noise at the 2006 Scott Tournament of Hearts. For at least an hour before each draw began, the public address system played really REALLY loud music. The music was painfully loud.

The organizers of championship curling events should look around at the audiences and ask themselves how much these patrons appreciate hearing music at such a high volume. Most folks who attend championship curling, even if they like the genre of music being played, do not like music anywhere near as loud as it was being played at The Scott. Why on earth was the music so &^%*$#&^ ing loud?

I expect to be accused of just being an old fogey about this. After all, I mentioned the same problem to an executive with the Toronto Blue Jays some time ago, and he replied something to the effect,
Quite frankly, Doc, we're not targeting your demographic group.
Let me add that I don't think stupid giveaways and audience involvement games between ends are necessary to bring fans out to championship curling events. They demean the sport, reminding me of the desperate strivings from minor league baseball to increase attendance above 200 paying customers. They're loud and annoying, and they, too, detract from my enjoyment of the curling event.


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