Sunday, March 05, 2006

Scott Russell, Curling Commentator

Scott Russell does the sheet-side interviews for the CBC during the semi-finals and finals of major curling events in Canada. [That's roughly what Cathy Gauthier does for TSN's telecasts of curling events -- hence the remark in this posting].

Scott was a student of mine back in 1985. I taught a course in economics for journalists in the Masters' degree programme in journalism at The University of Western Ontario, and he was one of the 40 students in the programme that year.
Update: I've been told that during the fifth end break, he complimented Jennifer Jones on her consistency here at the Scott. Huh? Check this (macroflashyaddawhatever required). Here were JJ's shooting percentages during the round robin:
  • 63, 69, 71, 83, 85, 76, 58, 54, 88, 63, 59.
  • Overall, she ranked 8th out of the 12 skips, during the round robin (if you believe the stats).
Perhaps he was talking about something else?

Scott Russell has a book out on curling, called Open House.



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