Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Scottish Team Selection for the Worlds

It seems the social engineers who created the unsuccessful UK teams at the Olympics have their hands off the Scottish selection process for the World championships. The Scotsman reports on the Scottish championships- this is quite a rigorous schedule for those who also played in Turin:
[David] Murdoch's team of Euan Byers, Warwick Smith and Ewan MacDonald now go on to represent Scotland at next month's World Championships in the USA. Last year, they won silver at the worlds, so once again they travel as real medal contenders.

In the women's final, Stirling's Kelly Wood successfully defended the title she won last year, beating Rhona Martin from Greenacres by 6-3.

Wood and her team of Lorna Vevers, Kim Brewster and her sister Lindsay will now represent Scotland at this year's the World Championships in Canada.
It's time now to start getting excited about the World Championships!


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