Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mary-Anne Arsenault Replaced by Radford in 13th Draw

Half way through the 13th draw of the Scott Tournament of Hearts, Mary-Anne Arsenault was replaced by Mary Sue Radford for the Nova Scotia rink.

[Update: She is on the ice, practicing for the evening draw and appears to be fully recovered. Apparently this has happened to her before, but not while curling]

Arsenault felt weak and wobbly during the fifth end break, and when she didn't come out to throw her rocks in the sixth, Radford stepped in. There was speculation that she was suffering from an allergic reaction to perfume or hair spray [some wags on the media bench wondered if Loder, the second for Manitoba wears perfume and/or hairspray], but there is no evidence that was the case. [For a photographic explanation, see the first photograph in this post; Loder is the one on the right, and on the left in this one.]

After being examined in hospital, Arsenault returned to her hotel room, where she is resting as I write this. There is no word on whether she will return to action along with her team in tonight's draw against PEI.

For Colleen Jones' reaction to the situation, listen here (interview #23).


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