Sunday, March 26, 2006

What - no Colleen? Now What for Me?

For me Doc's and my privileged access to this year's Scott Tournament of Hearts simply increased the respect I already had for Colleen Jones and her team.

And now the CBC tells me they will not be continuing. While there no doubt comes a time for a team to disband, their performance at this year's Scott certainly does not suggest they should quit. On the other hand, they have lives, and I respect that.

But I will miss them. It will be hard to invest so much as a spectator until I find a personality I find I can attach myself to in the same way as a fan. With this year's access at the Scott, I heard Colleen Jones' interviews after each round, and was very impressed by her thoughtfulness and spontaneity. Where many other skips spoke from well-thought-out scripts, Colleen Jones appeared to me to speak pretty freshly off the top of her head (and never foolishly). She is no fool, it is a good head, and she was always interesting and entertaining and she could always pull out more than 'Yeah, they will be a tough team, and it will go down to the last rock in the tenth end."

I will miss you Colleen, and your team. I will just have to become more devoted to the Newsworld Weather. Somehow it does not match your curling.

UPDATED: Colleen clarified the situation on the Newsworld morning sports report. Her team is kaputt. Whether she might return with another team remains an open question. She wants to try the quiet life to see if it works for her.

Hooray! She will be back!! Our Saskatchewan correspondent even told me that!


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