Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Country Star, Toby Keith ----
Olympic Curler?

From the National Post, via BF:

VANCOUVER - County music superstar Toby Keith says he is determined to become good enough at curling to qualify for the Olympics.

Keith rented ice a week ago Sunday while he and his band were in Nashville for the CMT Awards, and he seems to be a quick learner.

... "They're calling themselves the redneck curlers," said Gerster [chair of the Nashville Curling Club], who gave Keith a NCC pin, which he subsequently wore when he guested on The Late Late Show last Wednesday.

... Apparently, with little else to do, Keith and the band got interested in curling watching the Olympics from Turin on television while riding their bus on tour. They began making fun of it, but were still watching two hours later. Now they want to become Olympic curlers themselves.


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