Monday, November 27, 2006

An Embarras de Choix

How often does it happen that one has to choose which of the two curling events available on television to watch? Well, my experience is 'never'!
So yesterday, imagine my surprise to discover that the Continental Cup (see Doc's previous posts) was on CBC simultaneous with some curling activity on NBC. Now the Continental Cup is an odd beast to start with; and certainly it features some fine match-ups, but I think I prefer individual tournaments to this faux-team concept. But if you want an odd beast, imagine finding yourself watching a match between the US men's and women's teams, sort of, held in Whistler, and covered for NBC by Don Chevrier and Don Duguid. Whole categories of thought had to be reorganized in my brain to grok this. And then for further challenge to my brain, the teams are challenged by the requirement to use reverse-ringers - the women had Picabo Street assigned to them, the men, if I recall correctly, Dan Jansen.
In the end given the nature of these two faux competitions, I switched channels to watch a genuine event with a serious tradition, the Golf Skins match, which was, incidentally, won by a typical Canadian.


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