Saturday, March 17, 2007

Canada Cup, Women's Final: Ends 6 - 8

Digression: Gee, how come the grippers aren't disintegrating and ruining the ice in Kamloops the way they allegedly did in Hamilton? [sarcasm mode off]

Jones made some "interesting" strategic calls in the 6th and was forced to take only one point and yield the hammer to King.

The 7th end revealed some really, seriously good shot-making. King's rink would freeze to a Jones rock, and Jones' rink would manage to knock it out, leaving their shooter. Repeat. Repeat. etc. Finally, on the last rock, King made fine double to score two.

At the opposite extreme, the 8th end revealed lots of minor misses and (what would be for these pros) mediocre shots: hits that didn't roll, shots that drifted too deep. In the end Jones was forced to take one. Score tied, but King has the hammer back. Let's see if she tries to keep it clean in the ninth to preserve the hammer in the 10th.



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