Sunday, March 11, 2007

Gushue - Howard (Ends 6 and 7)

End #6:

Schille, the second for NF/L missed a peel, followed by a great freeze from Laing, leaving ON in a good position after the seconds' rocks. Nichols mixed them up a bit, but left ON sitting two. Hart's first shot caught some debris (so what's new?), but Nichols wasn't able to double anything off with his second shot.

Gushue is teased with a double opportunity on the right side of the house and makes it with his first shot. Then Howard drew right back to the right side of the house. As a result, Gushue decided to try for a raise double, but got only one, setting up the end for Howard to draw for two.

After 6, ON 5, NF/L 5

End #7:

Just after I comment about teams without the hammer coming into the house with lead rocks, Howard has his lead (Savill, curling at 96%!!) start off with a centre guard. Savill bounced a bit on a freeze attempt, so Korab could remove it. But Laing removed his in turn. They exchanged nose hits for awhile.

Nichols was asked to "jiggle 'em around", which he did, but then Hart drove back the centre guard and bumped all three reds out to the edge of the house. Nichols responded with a double, removing the ON stones from play, leaving a bunch of red NF/L stones around the edge.

Nose hit by Howard on what should have been a hit and roll. Nose hit by Gushue, with very little roll. Nose hit by Howard to sit two, leaving Gushue with a very risky double to score two or three, but if he misses it, NF/L will give up a steal of one (or two?).

But Gushue wrecked on the guard to give up a steal of TWO!! Who'd'a thunk it? (besides Ms. Eclectic!)



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