Sunday, March 11, 2007


End #1:

Gushue force Howard to draw for 1 and they barely make it. Nice banter as Newfoundland say informally "I think you have it", and Ontario respond "Then why not just let us have it?" Measurement confirms it is Ontario taking 1 they did not really want (and it looked the other way to me). The mutual respect is delightful. I am not sure how many ends I will be here - hope Doc can take over.

End #2:

Genius shot from the Ontario second at a key point. Opens the end to Hart's just slightly deep bury behind a centre guard ("Actually came out the other side"). Nichols makes not quite a freeze but places his rock perfectly behind a guard with Ontario backing. Hart comes a fair bit short to the top of the four-foot in front of the Newfoundland rock. Nichols clears the front guard. (I am puzzled why.) Howard taps back and it is a very confusing house, with a Gushue rock fronted and backed by Ontario rocks, all wide open to taps.

Pretty good Gushue shot clears away some of the mess. Howard's response is just off.
Gushue does get 2.

The game is on!



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