Sunday, March 04, 2007


This weekend afternoon kindly pits Glenn Howard, my pick, against Jeff Stoughton. Howard had the hammer in the first end, and Stoughton forced him to a draw for 1 with a briliant hit and slide behind cover.

This is clearly a feature matchup, as was Stoughton's win over Gushue yesterday.

UPDATE: Second end
What a stunning quality of shooting. Stoughton's third got an amazing double. In the end Howard forced Stoughton to draw for one as well. THe skill level here is just stunning.

UPDATE: Third end
Lots of small misses, and the clear love of both teams for complication, wind up giving Glenn Howard 3 in the 3rd. 4-1 Ontario. I may not update again all that soon.

UPDATE: Now after 8th end
Well some small misses on some higher-risk shots have not got us back to an essential tie. Stoughton has the hammer going into 9 down 6-5. What a match. Both teams continue to enjoy making it complicated.

UPDATE: Going into 10: Interesting and aggressive call by Ontario in 9. They chose to assure the end does not get blanked! As a result they will have the hammer coming home, one down. An option they were willing to take.

MEANWHILE ALberta loses to Northern Ontario!!

UPDATE: 7-7 after 10.

11th End: Ontario steal 2 cruelly as Stoughton cannot repeat an almost perfect draw that Howard picked out.

So Stoughton has beaten Gushue, Howard Stoughton, and Martin has lost to an unexpected rink. It is getting interesting!


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