Saturday, March 03, 2007

CurlCast: Resizing the Window
(a partial work-around)

By far, one of the very best (almost) real-time sources of information about curling matches at The Brier is CurlCast, which provides, inter alia, line scores and shooting percentages, the latter on a shot-by-shot basis.

One of the minor complaints that Alan and I had last year was that we could not resize the window.
But here is a neato work-around, if you want to make the window smaller.

First, don't go to CurlCast from the link provided by the official Brier website.

Instead, use this link (and don't forget to bookmark it!)

Then just resize the window the way you would any window. You can make it smaller, essentially cropping out some of the CurlCast information if you want to, but you can't make their window any larger.

It works great for me when I want to keep a bit of the CurlCast information on my desktop while I'm working on other things.



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