Friday, March 02, 2007

Curling Bonanza Next Week

In addition to the Brier, TSN will be showing some men's curling matches from the Canada Winter Games.

March 5, 11:30pm -- Ontario vs. PEI
March 6, 11:30am -- Saskatchewan vs. Ontario
March 7, 11:30am -- Manitoba vs. PEI
March 10, midnight -- gold medal match
(all times Eastern)

And CurlTV will be picking up games from the Brier, too.
March 4 - 7, the 9am matches will be shown on CurlTV

It'll be fun and interesting to see how TSN (and our household) juggle their schedules to fit all this in!

So much for getting any work done next week! One of my friends and his wife plan their holidays each year around the Scotties and Brier, and they actually travel to the tournaments.

Ain't life grand!


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