Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Curling at the Canadian Winter Games in Whitehorse

Serendipity Strikes! Ms. Eclectic and I were enjoying ourselves at Walker's Landing in Walkerton at noon today, where I could down a couple of pints of draft Strongbow (my beverage of choice), when we were surprised to see curling on the television! It was TSN's telecast of curling from the Canadian Winter Games. We didn't have any sound, but it looked like junior women competing, and, to be blunt, they weren't particularly good (but of course my standard for comparison was the Scotties, which isn't really fair to these curlers). The game we watched between Alberta and Nova Scotia went to an extra end because both skips missed both of their last shots; and then it went one more end because of a missed shot!

But it didn't really matter. It was fun seeing it. Too bad they aren't showing more curling from there.


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