Sunday, February 18, 2007

CurlTV vs. TSN

We watched the TSN broadband telecast of the 2nd draw on Saturday night, and we are watching the CurlTV broadband telecast ($) of the 4th draw on Sunday afternoon. Here are my reflections.

Luke(?), the announcer for CurlTV is clearly knowledgeable about the game. But Lethbridge isn't all that far from Edmonton (home of CurlTV), and it is a puzzle to me that they don't have someone else there to help out with the telecasts. Also, and I know this is picky, but he develops a catch in his play-by-play, hesitating slightly at times, which is distracting.

TSN was technically far superiour to CurlTV's telecast. The resolution was better, and they had more cameras.

CurlTV is better than nothing, but why don't they go out and sell commercials to raise some money so they can put on a better show? I know they're interested in improving the technology of their telecasts, but they seem to be leaving a major revenue source on the table.

Addendum: Also, no replays? I realize that CurlTV is operating on a small budget, but if they'd show replays, maybe people would be more likely to subscribe and they could charge more for ads (again, a plea for them to sell ads).

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At 2/18/2007 5:19 p.m., Blogger chairman said...

There's a huge difference between CurlTV and TSN -
TSN is available to a limited number of Canadians who have cable or a dish. It's a premium channel.
CurlTV is available to the world, over the internet.
TSN brings a production crew that numbers near 50 and 3 trucks of equipment.
CurlTV is three guys who drag all their own equipment in a rental car, set it up and broadcast.
TSN has national sponsors. CurlTV has subscribers.
So if you want better coverage on CurlTV, subscribe.
Luke Coley does a tremendous job. So does Brian and Kevin, the rest of the crew.
You're looking at the future of communications. Don't be critical just because it's different.

At 2/18/2007 6:09 p.m., Blogger EclectEcon said...

Of course there is a huge difference between CurlTV and TSN. Last night's TSN broadband telecast showed how significant the difference can be when there are tonnes of resources thrown at the telecast.

My major point, though I probably didn't make it very well, is that so long as CurlTV relies solely on subscriptions for its revenues, it will not have the resources to put on a telecast even remotely like the one on TSN.

Luke does a great job, considering that he is working on his own. And I'm impressed that the employees schlepp their equipment around without massive support crews.

But let's face the facts: CurlTV's telecast was nowhere near as good as TSN's, and it won't be unless they can attract more subscribers. And one way for that to happen is for the quality of the product to improve and for the firm to attract advertising.

btw, Alan and I both have subscriptions to CurlTV, and I visited their offices in December. At that point it didn't occur to me to push the point about advertising -- if it had, believe me, I would have.


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