Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Hot Day in Curling

The Ontario Men's Championship Page Playoffs are underway. Glenn Howard's rink continued to display its utter dominance of the whole week, crushing Middaugh 9-2, with Middaugh yielding after 5 ends. I watched casually, and it was impressive seeing how beautifully they were placing their rocks.

To make the day even more perfect, we now have what is apparently now the Scotties Tournament of Hearts (why the diminutive?) beginning, with coverage on TSN. Feature match from the first draw - Jennifer Jones and Jan Betker - currently Betker is up 4-1, with 3 of the points stolen.

I am filled with a certain sense of nostalgia, which I am sure Doc shares.

UPDATE: Saskatchewan 4-2 after 5 ends.


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