Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ontario Championship

The local cable channel is doing the kindness of broadcasting the Ontario men's championship. Tonight we have the stunning treat of the Glenn Howard - Wayne Middaugh match!

I shall do my best to keep updating this post with the the latest news.

UPDATE after End 1: A great battle of freezes. One call with the ice slightly wrong. A brilliant first shot by Howard. Middaugh's first shot had to be quite strategic but he wrecked on a guard. Howard has three rocks lined up vertically in the 4-foot, now not badly guarded. Middaugh can only draw against this configuration. He missses and Howard steals 3!! What a start.

UPDATE (7:35pm)

Wow! 3-3 now - count on Middaugh, I guess. What a match this may be!


Howard blanks the end.

Going to tape this and record results later!



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