Monday, January 01, 2007

Curling: All the Major games/matches/tournaments

When I learned that beginning in 2008, TSN would have the exclusive rights to broadcast curling in Canada, I felt a sense of despair. If TSN had the exclusive rights, I knew from experience that they would televise only two draws per day at the major tournaments. Televising a third draw would require bringing in a complete second team as announcers and crew, and doing so would alway be for the least popular draw of the day. TSN would be much better off sticking with one broadcast team and not bothering with the third draw.

Last month, though, I visited with some folks from CurlTV, and they told me that in the past they have always been able to negotiate rights to broadcast draws which major television decide not to broadcast, and they expect they will be able to do so in the future as well.

Update: I don't know, though. TSN is now showing World Junior Hockey via live internet video streaming. Will they do the same thing with curling? Or, if they do, will they stick to showing only the games that they are televising on cable as well?


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