Sunday, December 03, 2006

Howard-Ferbey - end three

Unbelievable shot from Howard team that removes all the red rocks, leaving the yellow interloper intact. Kevin Martin, in the CBC coverage, comments, "Oh that was a terrible error, he left a quarter-inch of that rock exposed." (That was a joke.)
I have said it before - Martin has matured a lot. I recall an utterly appalling World Championship between him and a Scottish Smith team (am I right?). He was awful - using corn brooms inappropriately, and chewing out the rest of his own team for what were as likely his own errors. We do not see that in the same way now.
Down to the last couple of rocks now. Ferbey giggling and consulting with Nedohin. "This is a rather critical moment." Seemed to work out, Howard can try to set up finishing with three. Well, that shot won't do it. Back in a couple of shots.

Later - Howard makes a great shot - Nedohin trying something daring. Brilliant outcome, though Howard has a shot at 2 and it thinking about 3. Ooops - 4! Very risky shot. Howard gets one - close call. 3-2 Howard after 4 ends.

Fifth end - Howard forces Ferbey to take 1, thanks to a first-shot error by Nedohin.

Sixth end - a couple of misses late in the end and Howard takes 1. 4-3 Howard.


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