Sunday, February 18, 2007

Howard-Middaugh yet again!

Doc's jealousy may simply have to deepen, as the Ontario final will feature the Glenn Howard and Wayne Middaugh rinks yet again, their third match of the week, an interesting artifact of the Page Playoff system (which, by the way, I rather like, rewarding success in the round-robin section of the tournament).

Both previous meetings were essentially over by the fifth end, the first time as Howard took three in the fourth and Middaugh never found a way to come back from that, and in the first Page Playoff, as Middaugh yielded at that point behind 9-2. Howard's rink did not simply win all their matches so far this week, but have won essentially all of them very convincingly, with only one really being a match where the tenth end was worth playing.

In any case, I shall happily allow the much-loathed Rogers Cable company to provide me this benefit of suffering as their customer.


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