Saturday, February 17, 2007

TSN's Alternative Coverage of the Scott(ies)

As Alan said, TSN will be providing alternative coverage of the Scott(ies) Tournament of Hearts this evening. Those of you who have satellite (which we must consider soon) will be able to watch it live. Others may be able to watch it on Rogers television if you have Rogers or Shaw Cable (excuse me while I cry). The TSN alternative schedule is here.

Also, for those of us unfortunate enough not to be able to pick up the alternative telecast via satellite or cable, the broadcast will be available via broadband at It will be interesting to see how that broadcast is in comparison with the internet telecasts of CurlTv. If I were CurlTv, I'd be concerned about TSN's movement in this direction. The only reason I can think of for CurlTv not to be concerned is that TSN will be unlikely (due to having high costs for two full crews) to broadcast, even over the internet, a third draw each day.

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