Saturday, February 17, 2007


Alan had it exactly right when he said that he watched the first draw of the Scott(ies)* Tournament of Hearts with some nostalgia. Regular readers of this blog remember that he and I covered the Women's finals for CHRW radio last year. Many of the same teams are back. In many ways I miss the fun and excitement we had that week.

After the first draw, I was very impressed with the play of Jan Betker's rink from Saskatchewan. And while we were told that Jennifer Jones rink is the top team on the money circuit this season, if they keep playing the way they did in the first draw, the Manitoba Jones rink doesn't have much of a chance of winning.

Going out (not very far on a very thick limb), my prediction for the champion: Kelly Scott, last year's champion.

*Also, I agree with Alan's question about why the name change to the diminutive for Scott? I know they call their tissues, "Scotties", but it just doesn't sound right or look right to call it the Scotties Tournament of Hearts.



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