Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hard Choice Might be Coming

I'm watching the Scotties Tournament of Hearts' Sunday Morning Draw (and I still find that diminutive a pain to write), with the feature match Team Canada vs PEI. It has been a very sloppy match, and it seems it is more a matter of who has the greater will to lose.

It is sad in a way; only recently (well, for me, a few years ago is recently) did I attend my first national championship draw, in a Scott Tournament of Hearts, and it was the Gaudet rink from PEI that amazed me with their aggression and daring. Since that year her rinks have not performed so well. It is early in the week and I hope for the best for them (just for the amazement they delivered that morning).

As for Team Canada, well it will be interesting to see how this goes. But neither team has looked solid this morning.

And what is my choice problem? If this match gets interesting heading into the tenth end, I have to worry about the conflict of the coverage with that of the Howard-Middaugh Ontario Championship Match. Judging by Howard's recent play, that match could end after one end!

UPDATE: Problem solved - PEI manages to lose. (That is a bit unfair - both teams also have to struggle with confusing ice conditions and the like, and Gaudet's rink seem never to have solved weight. )

The good news for me is that I can now go focus on Howard-Middaugh!


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