Sunday, February 25, 2007

Team Canada Repeats, Defeating Saskatchewan 8-5 at the Tournament of Hearts

It was not a super difficult prediction, but before the 2007 Scotties Tournament of Hearts began, I wrote,
Going out (not very far on a very thick limb), my prediction for the champion: Kelly Scott, last year's champion.
Saskatchewan looked very good throughout the round robin and then defeated Team Canada in the 1-2 page play-off. But in the final match, Jan Betker (skip of Team Saskatchewan) misread the ice a bit, and ended up curling only 74% to Kelly Scott's 82%. All the percentages are available here at Curlcast (and, joy of joys, if you use that direct link, you can resize the window!). Betker's misreading of the ice perhaps played a role in the low shooting percentage for Inglis (Saskatchewan 2nd) as well.

Team Canada will soon head off to Japan for the Women's World Championships. And I must say that based on the week-long performances, I am happy they are representing Canada there.

Meanwhile, we have a week-long drought before the Brier begins next weekend.

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