Saturday, March 10, 2007

Woo-Hoo! Gushue-Howard in the Final!

The Page Playoff system does its job again nicely and we'll see if Glenn Howard can avoid the early problems he had in the first Page Playoff that forced him to play the semifinal against Stoughton's rink today.
One thing I do like in curling is the obvious mutual respect between many of the teams, and Stoughton's rink showed what I regard as the approrpiate contempt for a non-concede rule on the books, by conspiring with Howard's team to make a small mockery of the last end (with his team down 4 rocks, he would have surely yielded had he been able to), with everyone throwing his rock straight through the house, but at the same time with Stoughton's team encouraging the crowd to congratulate the Howard rink with applause through the whole process. Stoughton is also the man who gave us some entertaining balletic deliveries of rocks a few years ago.


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