Monday, March 05, 2007

What a Day for Howard

Glenn Howard is not killing off opponents the way he did in the Ontario Championships. He is actually throwing tenth-end rocks, and 11th-end rocks. But he is 4-0 and after two ends now against Kevin Martin, up 3-0.
The Gushue match on CurlTV in the morning was very exciting with Gushue fighting his way back desperately with steals and doubles, but to no final avail.
So Howard is well ahead early; the pattern so far is a big early lead, followed by the other team fighting back, and Howard surviving. We'll know about this one in a few hours.

UPDATE AFter 5: 3-3! Howard happy to give up a steal of 1 in the fifth! So much great shooting.

UPDATE: After 6. Howard 4-3 and lucky to be ahead! Just brilliant shooting by both teams. At the moment I think the team with the hanmmer has scored twice, the team without 4 times. Wild and crazy match.

FINAL : Alberta win 7-5. Just a great match.

Years ago I really did not like Kevin Martin and his one-approach game. No longer, and he has developed a sense of humour and some great shots.


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